Big Sea Life Spotted While Scuba Diving

Big Sea Life Spotted While Scuba Diving

Scuba divers have many chances to interact with stingrays. They’re popular attractions on dive boats, and come in all shapes and sizes. While stingrays are a passive animal and generally avoid touching humans, they can pose a threat to scuba divers if they come too close. Stingrays can also be easily stepped on or accidentally land on divers in shallow water. If you’re not careful, you can even end up getting stung if you try to approach them.

While the fish themselves may not pose a threat, it’s important to be aware of their habits to prevent an attack. A large portion of the fish world is home to small creatures called damselfish, which are commonly found near black coral bushes and gorgonian fans. While they tend to stay away from humans, they are often dangerous and will strike if they feel threatened. However, this fear is unnecessary. A dive professional can be taught to distinguish these creatures if they want to, and there are several species of them in the world.

In addition to sharks, other sea creatures can be spotted during scuba diving. Sea cows, also known as manatees, can be seen in reefs around the world. These large, fast creatures can be a fun and unusual way to capture underwater pictures. Nurse sharks are commonly found near coral reefs, and they measure about four metres long. These creatures can be intimidating for new scuba divers because they have such sharp teeth and sometimes hang their heads open, appearing as if they were about to bite. However, if you’re with the right dive guide, you can get to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitats.

You can also encounter hawksbill turtles in the Red Sea. This species is migratory and spends most of its time in the open ocean. While hawksbills are more wary of humans, they’re still fascinating to observe while scuba diving. Besides being curious, hawksbill turtles are often seen resting on ledges and caves. Scuba divers can even encounter these animals when they’re diving in the Red Sea.

Sharks can be dangerous, but they’re also some of the coolest creatures in the ocean. You can see them at many sites in Phuket, including Racha Noi and Racha Yai. You’ll have a blast exploring the underwater world! With so many cool creatures to look at, scuba diving in Phuket is sure to provide you with a memorable experience. So, why wait any longer? Get started today! There’s no reason not to dive!

One of the best dive sites in the world is at Montague Island. There’s a large colony of fur seals that love to play with divers. You can dive here year-round and enjoy 15-22 degrees Celsius water temperatures, and visibility is good at 25 meters. It’s an incredible dive destination for all levels of divers! You’ll see many species of fish, including the crocodile snake eel.

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